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Who's Craig? - R. Craig Peterson has been named as one of the top 200 technology consultants in North America. He is a top Computer and Network Security Consultant, Market Leading Talk Radio Show Host, Author and Professional Speaker with over 20 years of experience. His client list numbers over 5,000 businesses, he has published dozens of articles and booklets, and appears weekly on his own ClearChannel radio show, and other radio and television shows. With more than thirty years of computer experience he has dealt with most technologies.

He can be reached via craig |at| esecurityguy |dot| com, or click this button, enter your phone number, your phone will ring, then it will connect you to Craig!


R. Craig Peterson's Resume is extensive. Craig and his teams serve enterprises in Financial, Health Care, Legal, Manufacturing, Distribution and Government.

Craig has extensive Consulting, speaking, writing and media experience. Some of his clients are listed in the client list provided on the resume page.

R. Craig Peterson's Resumes

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